TXT as Art Project
TXT as Art Project
mixed media

TXT as Art was a project instigated by Trudie Leigo which engaged several local artists and paired them up with local writers to collaborate and create public art work for display on an allocated site in the Bundaberg CBD.

Jenny Gilbertson (Community Arts Officer) was assigned to work with Hylands on this project, and their allocated site was the Telstra building in Bourbong St. Gilbertsons poem took a superhero theme which influenced Hylands' conceptual approach.

Hylands' artwork consisted of 3 main elements - the 'Tardis' from Dr Who which was painted on board and installed in amongst the public telephones; the 'Star Wars' opening intro text which consisted of adhesive lettering installed onto the tiled floor leading into the public phone galley, and the red 'Bat phone' from the Batman series which was a large shaped wooden panel painted to imitate the red 'Bat phone' which was attached to the outside of the Telstra building in Bourbong St.